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Buzz One Four - Crew Photos

Individual and group photos of "Buzz One Four" crew members during their careers in the service.

Circa 1964

Photos taken in the 1964 era and submitted by various donors.

B-52 Crash Site

Crash Site Photographs by Paul Brode - January, 1964

50th Anniversary Commemoration Photos

Photos of "Buzz One Four" crew families and others during the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the 1964 crash of "Buzz One Four."

Recent Photos

Buzz One Four related subjects contributed by various donors

Memorial Trail Historic Site Markers & Photos

Photographs of marker signs and memorials listed in the "Buzz One Four" Brochure designed by www.BuzzOneFour.org

Monument Conservation

Monument Conservation by: Howard Wellman Conservation, LLC June, 2014 Funding by "Friends of Buzz One Four"

Monument Preservation

Protective Fence for Major Townley's Monument - Pine Swamp by "Friends of Buzz One Four"

Emergency Exit Hatch

Photos by Cary Kyle - 2006 and August, 2012

Hatch Location Operation - March 22, 2014

Photos taken during the operation to verify the location of the pilot's ejection seat emergency exit hatch and determine the best means to effect a successful recovery operation.

Hatch Recovery Operation - April 12, 2014

Photos of the "BuzzOneFour.org" exit hatch recovery team during the successful recover effort. Photo gallery includes photos depicting the terrain encountered by the team.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Visitor’s Photo Galleries

  1. Michael McCormick

    Major Thomas W. McCormick was my father. When the crash occurred I was a student at George Washington Univ. in Washington D.C. I will never forget the day; spent most of it in the Air Force Information Office at the pentagon and on the phone with my mother. Thank you to all of you for your kind and generous work to maintain this site. I hope to see you in July.

  2. Eric Alexander

    I have heard a lot about you Matt. Looking forward to meeting you in July, if not sooner.


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