The Crew of Buzz One Four

Lost in the 1964 Crash

Robert E. Townley (1921-1964)
Robert L Payne (1922-1964)
Melvin D. Wooten (1936-1964)



Thomas W. McCormick (1921-1997)
Parker W. Peedin (1934-2009)


National Museum of the United States Air Force

National Museum of the Air Force
B-52 Virtual Tour – Pilot/Co-pilot
B-52 Virtual Tour – Radar Navigator
B-52 Virtual Tour – Electronic Warfare Officer
B-52 Virtual Tour – Tail Gunner
B-52 Virtual Tour – Aft Equipment Space


Strategic Air Websites

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484th Bombardment Wing Strategic-Air-Command
Turner Air Force Base
SAC Aircraft – Boeing B-52 Stratofortress
SAC Nuclear Weapons Arsenal
SAC Photos of Nuclear Bombs


484th Bombardment Wing – Turner AFB – Georgia

Note: Turner AFB was de-activated and sold to the
Miller-Coors Brewing Company in 1979 which has
continued to maintain the following Turner Field
website pages:

Turner Field – Miller Coors Website
Turner Field – Flight Buzz One Four
Turner Field – Bomber Down
Turner Field – B-52
484th Bombardment Wing – Wikipedia


Website Pages about Chrome Dome

The Perils of Chrome Dome – Air Force Magazine
Operation Chrome Dome – Wikipedia