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Click below to hear an audio track of a B-52 low level fly-by.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy the sound of freedom!

10 September 2019
Major update of website to new format on a faster, more reliable server. Added photos of new memorial plaque on Westernport Road.

14 January 2017
• Photo of TSgt. Wooten’s landing site in Salisbury, PA added to the “1964 Era” gallery.

24 July 2015
• B-52 memorial flyover photo added to “1964 Era” gallery.

02 February 2015
• Photos added to “Recent Photos” gallery.

01 January 2015
• Donor page updated.

27 November 2014
• Word Press pages (Visitor’s Forum, Submitted Photos & What’s New?) updated following system outage.
• Photo of CAP search plane pilot Ron Klein added to 1964 Era photo gallery.

15 October 2014
• Donor list in the visitor’s forum updated

14 October 2014
• Letter to the editor of Cumberland Times News posted in the visitor’s forum.

13 September 2014
• Photo added to the Monument Preservation Photo Gallery.

1 September 2014
• Recent Photos Gallery: added photo of Major Robert L. Payne memorial.

31 August 2014
• Buzz One Four Crew Photo Gallery: crew collage photo updated.

28 August 2014
• Home page: Added link to Buzz One Four Crash Site Brochure, revised text on link to “Whats New” page of website listing recent revisions and updates.
• Website photo gallery: Added photos of Maryland General Assembly Citation to BuzzOne website.
• Bomber Down article: Revised text on link to letters revealing the fate of Major Payne’s lucky coin.
• 50th Anniversary page: Added additional photo and changed to slide show.

21 August 2014
• Added photos to the Monument Preservation Gallery showing the decorative wall erected by Mike and Linda Beal.

20 August 2014
• September 28, 1999 letter to the editor added to the “Share Your Buzz One Four Memories” forum. Click here for the new content (opens in a new tab).

17 August 2014
• Updated gallery names to make them more descriptive of the gallery content.
• Added B-52 Fly-by audio track to recent additions and changes page.

14 August 2014
• Photos added to “Recent Photos” gallery in “Visitor’s Photos” album.

13 August 2014
• Revision to 50th Anniversary page to reflect post event era
• Home page, large 50th Anniversary link icon removed and replaced with a revised icon and to link to website revision & update history (this page)
• Press release file updated to show current press release (if any) followed by past press releases
• Photos added to “Recent Photos” gallery

12 August 2014
• Revised format of visitor’s photo page to allow space to include a description of each gallery.

11 August 2014
• Added historic marker photo gallery

10 August 2014
• Added exit hatch recovery operation photo gallery

25 July 2014
• Added protective fence photo gallery

7 July 2014
• Added memorial monument conservation photo gallery

27 May 2014
• Added exit hatch photo gallery
• Added exit hatch location operation photo gallery